michigan boat numbers

Can I use another font, such as a script or italic font?A. All registrations expire on March 31 in the third year of issuance. They must be as high above the waterline as practical. No number other than the number assigned can be displayed on the forward half of the vessel. All watercraft, unless exempt, must be registered with the Department of State and display a registration decal. Just remember to pick a color that contrasts with your boat’s hull color. The number must contrast with the color of the background so it is visible and legible. ; If you purchased a previously-owned vessel, submit: . Alternative installation: the “Wet” method: You may also install these using the wet method. For most vessels, the registration fee is based on length. when we are vacationing on a Michigan lake somewhere!) Boat numbers are 3 inches high by proportion. Select your color and font from the lists below, type into the order form exactly as you received them from the Secretary of State, use dashes if you’d like to, and click add to cart. Q. Which ever product you choose from this page will fit the Michigan Standards for boat registration numbers. //

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