what to drink with raw oysters

Unsurprisingly, this lends the grapes a fair amount of minerality, which translates perfectly to foods that are briny or salty in any way, oysters being a prime example. ~ skippe36. —Kevin McGuire, DipWSET, sommelier The Wine House, Fairfax, Va. 10. Jeff Harding, beverage director, Waverly Inn, New York City. Plus, the Scotch Malt Whisky Society recently held a Scotch-and-oyster … Personally I like to take a different approach, [like] Viognier from France—for example, Jaboulet’s “Incognito C.” The higher alcohol mitigates the salty brine of the oyster. And with an ABV of 3.7%, you can just keep quaffing. Mignonette sauce.With the famous mignonette sauce invented by the French. —Rebecca Murphy, wine columnist, and founder of Dallas Morning News Wine Competition (predecessor to TEXSOM International Wine Awards). The bright acidity of fresh citrus pairs perfectly with the briny ocean salinity of raw oysters. What to Drink with Oysters . “Some are on the funkier, more salty side, while others are very subtle in flavor with a beautifully clean finish.”. Later this year we will be just outside Paris and I hope to experience some more interesting wine pairings with their oysters. 9. Eat and Drink Perfect Pairing: Oysters and Vodka By Daliah Singer • February 13, 2014. If you’re eating raw oysters, you want something that is very dry and has high acidity. Beer? Ledaig 10-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Having covered most European wine regions and a few in South America (20 countries and counting), I am always looking for a new wine-stained stamp in my passport. Top notch oysters wit…, European Herpes Threatens America’s Oysters, A lil’ data art of North Puget Sound oysters. If I really want to capture the spirit, I will make a bloody Caesar. I’m not alone in this opinion; last year Eric Asimov named it Best California Rose in the New York Times. A well-balanced, effervescing mineral water can be a simple but also sublime foil to oysters, taken only on their own. Fortunately, California producers of cheap wines that had nothing in common with authentic Chablis have mostly desisted from the practice of labeling their products “Chablis.” A true Chablis is a wine grown in a region halfway between Dijon and Paris, and stands apart from the rest of Burgundy. The low alcohol content in beer won't sterilize anything anyway (it is the boiling wort part of the MAKING of beer that made beer a "healthy" option in the olden days :) My favorite way to dress raw oysters is with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. That is, until Eric Lee (pictured), chef de cuisine at Jax Denver, let me in on a little secret: oysters and vodka. It is a light-bodied, lean, crisp, mouth-watering red wine with tannins on the soft, mellow side—an important key to its ability to pair with oysters. As God intended…~ belder, We experiment with numerous dry whites but when I am at our local Cajun place with half price oysters at happy hour, I like a dry draft beer. Who would have thought you could cook them up in 4 minutes in the air fryer? I particularly like Sancerres grown on a hard type of limestone called Caillottes [in Loire Valley] with oysters, as these have a linear quality to them that plays well with more delicate types of east coast oysters. Slurping and sipping became all the rage in places like New York City, where oysters were plentiful and consumed by all socio-economic classes, from street carts to high-end men’s clubs. But as Gen. Douglas MacArthur famously said, “rules are meant to be broken.” So, if you’re feeling a bit of truancy with your oyster and wine pairings, check out what these pros drink with. The mixologist specialize in absinthe cocktails .WOW ! Chris Coker, sommelier, Bourbon Steak at The Four Seasons Washington, D.C. 2. Eat fresh shipped oysters. Camino Roca Txakolina As the name implies, juniper rules here, creating a pleasantly pungent combo with oysters. Just play with how much salt and how much sweet are in each side of the pairing: They all work, but it’s lots of fun to experiment. Well, how about adding a twist by … At the Maestro S.V.P. The acidity of the gueuze will contrast nicely with the saltiness and light richness of raw oysters to really highlight the oyster's character. Its Kimmeridgian clay and limestone subsoil is peculiar to its location and its climate somewhat harsh, imparting to its wines the wonderfully dry, flinty flavor for which they’re known. Troit Toits Muscadet, Interesting Pairings The bubbles play on the tongue and the acidity brightens the palate. Sauternes with Kumamoto or Hama Hama west coast oysters, which are small and sweet with notes of melon and cucumber. I’ve also had some martinis made with oyster liquor instead of of olive brine that have turned out nicely. There’s a sea-breeze salinity in a well-made brut zero. restaurant in Montreal, Canada, the oyster bar carries at least fifteen different varieties at any given time. For wine, I cannot think of a red that works all that well (maybe just my ignorance, of course), but for whites I really like a Picpoul from the Rhone Valley of France or a nice Austrian Gruner Veltliner. This Romantic Collab From LoveShackFancy X BeachRiot Will Be The Diamond Of Your Workout, Bling Empire: The Best Dressed Hit New Show From Netflix, Wendy Williams On Her New Documentary: ‘I Can’t Believe I Survived.’. Several months ago, I was in Denver & got into a conversation with the Highland Park company rep. 4. We have visited this topic often, as it is a very, very important one, at least in my world. This balances the two flavors and makes the oyster taste meatier and the wine jump with flavors of ripe peach and white flowers. Oysters are really one of nature’s most magical delicacies. 1. ~ Northeaster, I agree Bloody Marys can be great, but I’ve decided that they really need to be paired with Olympias.

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